Medical and Financial Assistance

Fans of WCRAS helps the community so that people can keep their pets by providing financial assistance.

Our mission at Fans of WCRAS is to keep dogs and cats in their current homes. When a family is in crisis, they can come to us for help. We offer financial assistance in emergency situations (loss of home, vet bills, pet deposits, domestic violence) and training for behavior issues. We are currently assisting with medical bills for a beloved cat with a urinary tract infection whose owner is unable to pay. We may also be able to help you repair your fence. Here is the procedure for requesting assistance:

1. Fill out the Request for Assistance form on our website here.
2. The board meets to determine if the request falls within the parameters of our mission statement. We inform the applicant of our decision.
3. If the request is approved, we take the next action, such as contacting a vet or trainer that has agreed to give us special rates. In the case of pet deposits, we directly contact the landlord to set up payment. Fans’ jurisdiction is Williamson County, excluding Georgetown and Taylor since they have their own shelters and resources.