Who We Are

Mission Statement: Championing the lifesaving mission of WCRAS through investing in our community members, elevating fund-raising and building volunteerism.

Fans of Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter is an integral part of Wilco’s lifesaving mission. We currently provide behavioral enrichment programs for adopted dogs and currently offer an assistance program for families who are experiencing financial troubles due to animal-related expenses such as pet deposits or medical costs. Our focus is to create second chances for families who think their only solution is surrendering a pet to a shelter or simply abandoning them. Our intervention program is designed to keep dogs from ever entering the shelter.

The Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter is the only shelter solely devoted to the animals of Hutto, Leander, Round Rock, Cedar Park, and Williamson County – serving a population of approximately 450,000 citizens. Even though they are an open admission shelter taking in all stray and abandoned companion animals from five jurisdictions, they have ‘maintained a save rate over 90% since December 2010. This “No-Kill” status is not mandated but has been maintained because the shelter believes it is simply the right thing to do.

Board Members