**I.** **12:05 Meeting Commencement**

*Present:* Cheryl Schneider, Misty Valenta, Matt Diederich, April Peiffer, Kim De Araujo, Kim Bishop, Rebecca LaBeth, and Amy Edwards

**II.** **Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes**

– The proposed meeting minutes were approved unanimously.

**III.** **Treasurer’s Report**

a. Treasurer Kim D provided a detailed financial report via email, including a breakdown.

   – The check for Fur Ball proceeds will be processed by Kim D shortly.

b. Second Chance funding information was emailed and discussed.  Cheryl mentioned that we need to pay close attention to the fact that we are bringing in less in second chances than we are paying out.

**IV.** **Assistance Request Manager’s Report**

a. Recommended payout: $17,878.87; Actual payout: $10,331.85

b. Matt is actively recruiting new members; Mary and Trisha are currently the only active team members.

c. Approval granted for bank cards for Mary and Trisha to have Bank card access.

**V.** **Fundraising**

– “Bets for Pets” scheduled for April 20, 2024. Committee preparations underway.

**VI.** **Old Business**

a. Matt is finalizing a presentation for shelter volunteers/fosters about Shelter organizations and opportunities.

b. Progress on potential training sponsorships; awaiting printing completion.

c. Facebook fundraising change is set up and ready.

**VII.** **New Business**

a. Discussion on updating the charter/mission statement; consensus needed. Consideration of FANS supporting “extracurricular” payments via Georgetown Friends of the Shelter.

b. Backup for April’s communications when she’s out; Matt identified as the backup.

c. Motion passed for FANS to contribute up to $500 for Volunteer Appreciation Party.

**VIII.** **Other Business**

a. Proposal to meet more frequently for increased efficiency.

b. Misty proposed a $75 gift card donation for fostering a large dog for 3 weeks; approved using specific shelter donations.

**IX.** **Meeting Conclusion**

– Adjourned at 1:07. Next meeting tentatively set for 2/9/24 (possible earlier meeting if needed).

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