January, 2023 Board Minutes


  1. 12:07 Meeting called to order with Cheryl Schneider, Misty Valenta, Matt Diederich, April Peiffer, Kim De Araujo, Kim Bishop, Rebecca LaBeth and Diane Murray from Friends of Georgetown Animal Shelter visiting.  Amy Edwards joined meeting
  1. Vote to approve previous meeting notes-Matt proposed, Rebecca approved, all voted in favor
  1. Report from Treasurer: high level ytd and last 60 days and projection

Discussion over what to report.  Decided to report high level year to date, the last 60 days of expenditures and projection for the year.  Once a year do a retrospective of the former year.

      IV.    MD:  Report from Assistance Request Manager: last 8 weeks 18 req (8 no response), approved 7 req average 618.38.  Total approved: $6,700, total amount $4,328.63. Discussion about replying after 1 week without word from the requestor, we will try this. 

a.  Fundraising: April-Bets for pets 4/22, all normal things happen, back at Nyle Maxwell vehicles unique, committee not yet begun planning, but very close. Starting soon.  For Janes fund.

Old Business: Matt-website updates: New members are now listed and all up to date.

Purchasing kennels for kittens? Matt.  Misty-yes, just waiting for kennels to come in

Matt and Kim B will work on getting approved notes published to website.

New Business:

  1. Discussion regarding number of votes needed to approve a request.  Decided to check into possibly changing, but we feel good about current process. (from old notes).
  2. Matt to check about group texts phone numbers. Kim B not getting. Can vote yes in text messages rather than relying on FB.
  3.   Matt would like to step back from assistance requests and free up some time for current members. Has 2 folks that are interested.  He will get with them and let us know
  •  FANS can help shelter (ways they can)

Discussion about FANS helping more for shelter small purchase items. Tabling until we have some idea of what we are looking at.. 

  • Discussion of process for working with Vets to pay for approved items.
  • Matt to work w/ April to get into GSuite Admin panel to get email addresses for Board members. 
  • Discussion of budget line item for staff. Kim D motions that FANS fund volunteers support staff appreciation and hospitality.  Misty seconds. Item passed.  Matt to add something to Volunteer page for this item.
  • Discussion of Mail Chimp. We would like to wait for April to get options. Matt-let’s table until we get info.
  • Discussion of possible FANS memberships-1 time or sustaining.  KD-Join to be a member (revenue source). Would like to see tiered document w/ membership program.  Looks promising.  MD-motion, 2nd from Cheryl. Passed.    
  • Matt and KD working w/ Erin on Ipads.  Should have something soon.

Other Business: Matt any other business? April has some items. 

  1. Discussion regarding old logo FANS shirts we have. We would like to give away to volunteers.  Matt will do a post about pushing info to give away.
  • Discussion and questions regarding continuing Teacher’s Pet program.   Cheryl motions that we support shelter by offering 1 session w/ approved trainer.  Invoice sent to us to pay. Limited to $100. Misty seconds-unanimously passed. Cheryl to come. up w/ what goes in packet and works w/ staff to implement.
  • Discussion regarding the contract with GiveSmart. Going to renew for a year. Matt: its ok for April to sign contract; Motion Matt to pass, Amy 2nds, passed.

Adjourn: Cheryl motions for meeting to be closed.  1:58 meeting Adjourned.  Next meeting March 13, 2023 @ 12:00 PM

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