March, 2023 Meeting Minutes


  1. 12:07 Meeting called to order with Cheryl Schneider, Misty Valenta, Matt Diederich, April Peiffer, Kim De Araujo, Kim Bishop, Rebecca LaBeth
  1. Vote to approve previous meeting notes-Matt proposed, Rebecca approved, all voted in favor
  1. Report from Treasurer: Report was given on balances, and ytd money spent by Kim D. 

Misty suggested that we move some money to a high yield savings account.  Kim D will investigate options.

Cheryl suggested using the orientation money that has been collected to fund the volunteer appreciation day in April.  Will get together a motion and vote once logistics are worked out.

      IV.    Report from Assistance Request Manager given by Matt D.  26 requests were received thru 3/20.  Request form is being updated to include more information.

  1. Fundraising: April-Bets for pets 4/22, all normal things happen, back at Nyle Maxwell vehicles unique.  Ticket prices is $50/ticket and the fundraising website is up.
  2. Remove Amplify Austin from Agenda.
  3. FANS Membership Program.  A piece explaining FANS needed before we set up program.  4 tiers were discussed.  We will revisit this once details are worked out.
  4. Matt is continuing to work on Gsuite.
  5. Reminder for Board Members to do a Birthday Fundraiser for FANS. 

Matt and Kim B will continue to work on getting approved notes published to website.

New Business:

  1.  Misty is working on Grant presentation for Maddi’s fund potential grant and Pedigree grant. 
  •  Discussion and questions regarding continuing Teacher’s Pet program.   Cheryl motions that we support shelter by offering 1 session w/ approved trainer.  Invoice sent to us to pay. Limited to $100. Kim D seconded-unanimously passed.  Matt will add this information to the FANS website and Rebecca will post information on Facebook and Instagram.  We will continue to discuss a name for the program.

Adjourn: Matt motions for meeting to be closed.  12:59meeting Adjourned.  Next meeting May 22 @ 12:00 PM

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