May, 2023 Meeting Minutes




  1. 12:00 PM Meeting called to order with Misty Valenta, Matt Diederich, April Peiffer, Kim De Araujo, Kim Bishop and Amy Edwards present
  2. Vote to approve previous meeting notes-Matt Proposed, Amy approved, all voted in favor           
  3. Report from Treasurer:  
  4. Fund raiser for Christie sanctuary transfer-we wrote a check for $1,300.00. 
  5. Funds spent on Volunteer appreciation were $410.25 spent.
  6. Kim D reported following up on Interest Bearing Accounts.  We could safely put $50k into high access yield account.  Amy motioned for this to be done and Misty seconded.  Motion passed.
  7. Report from Assistance Request Team:
  8.  March 21-May 21:  20 total requests.  Covered total of $7,392.88.  Paid out: $813.88.  2 services not covered (spay surgery, housing) and 2 were out of Jurisdiction.
  9. Fundraising
  10.  Bets for Pets.  April reported that it was a HUGE success this year.  We exceeded goal and all previous fundraising for this event.  Tickets were sold out.
  11.  Kim B raised $235 from Birthday fundraiser on Facebook
  12.  Old Business
  13. Presentation for shelter volunteers/fosters.  Matt working on the presentation.
  14. Updates to GSuite admin panel for email accounts/names/access for VP/Treasurer.  Matt working on.
  15. Potential training sponsorships – $100 sponsorship for each dog that gets adopted.  It was decided to direct all to Lisa Heathco (One Up Dog Training).  If it gets to be too much for her, then we will explore other trainers as a backup.  Misty suggested to utilize Vista Print for cards to hand out with adoptions.  April will work on the cards.  Kim D will work on getting set up as a non-profit and let April know once we have obtained that.  Possible QR code to lead a person to FANS website, which will need to be updated for this program. 
  16. Matt attended conference with Philanthroforce and will check on getting set up so we can utilize this. 
  17. New Business
  18.   Philanthroforce seminar.  Matt attended conference with Philanthroforce and will check on getting set up so we can utilize this. 

 Matt moved to adjourn meeting at 12:41 PM.  Next meeting is July 17, 12:00 p.m.            

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