I. 12:01 Meeting called to order with Misty Valenta, Matt Diederich, April Peiffer, Kim De Araujo, Kim Bishop, Rebecca LaBeth
II. Vote to approve previous meeting notes-Matt proposed, Rebecca approved, all voted in favor
III. Report from Treasurer: Kim D presented. Discussed current balances and disbursements. Discussed sending Thank You cards from FANS for large donations. April has some cards printed w/ FANS logo to contribute; Mary B will send thank you cards. Discussed moving funds to savings with a higher yield. Cheryl suggested checking with Chase they seem to have high interest rate; Kim D checking w/ Tara about AATFCU about their returns.
IV. Report from Assistance Request Team=total requests 29. Of the 29 there were 23 requests for dogs and 6 for cats. Total funds voted: $7,963.05. Total funds disbursed: $7,913.64. Total funds pending: $769.34. Matt is circling around with Assistance Team about individual debit cards for a few members.
V. Fundraising – no new business.
VI. Old Business:
a. Reminder on Birthday fundraiser. Matt reminded everyone to do birthday
fundraising and it is being tracked for comparison to Amplify Austin. We are
doing pretty well so far with these.
b. Matt working on presentation for shelter volunteers/fosters on different
c. Matt discussed updates to GSuite admin panel for email accounts, names and
access for VP/Treasurer
d. April still working on potential training sponsorships
VII. New Business:
a. Matt discussed that Apple is doing a new volunteering rollout. We may see
additional volunteers at the shelter for volunteering activities. Matt still working
on and if it happens Apple will be providing matching funds
b. Kim D led discussion on Vista Print. They need business ID number for taxes
VIII. Other Business:
a. Misting is working on grant funds for washing machines. Misty and April
scheduling meeting with the Foundation to discuss.
Meeting Adjourned at 12:33 PM. Next meeting scheduled for Sept 18 at 12:00 PM

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